Fully Automated Video Recording

Schedule a Date and Time in the future from any internet connected device and our permanently installed system Automatically records all the action. Nobody needs to be at the venue to start and stop recording the sessions.

Live Broadcast

Venues can also choose to live Broadcast your games and practice sessions. Send links out so people can tune in to watch it all live as it happens. All live broadcasts can also be kept to view and share at a later time.

Increase the value of your venue and club by increasing your exposure

Each video produced by My Sports Action can be branded with your Sponsor's Logo. These videos are easily shared via social media thus increasing your overall exposure.

Capture the entire court using our MasterCam Panoramic setup. We use multiple Camera Feeds that are stitched together to create a seamless Panorama of the entire playing field.


Coaching and Development Tool

It's a great Coaching and Player Development Tool. Your players can review all their games and practice sessions to see for themselves what the coaches have been talking about.

View, Edit and Share

You can view and edit your recorded videos whenever you like. Then share your highlight clips with whoever you choose.

Security and Dispute Resolution

Have everything videoed so you can go back and review any incidents that occur both on and just off the playing field. This is a great tool to help in tribunal type incidents etc.


You can add extras to your videos too.

You can add a Sponsor Logo, the scoreboard, on-court audio and even a microphone and commentary.

It's a great coaching and player development tool

Coaches can analyse all the video footage to assist with their player development objectives.


Next Steps...

Contact us now so you can find out how the system can help benefit your club and players.