We want to help to make our grass-roots sports even more enjoyable by using the very latest technology. This type of technology has traditionally only been available to the elite level teams and leagues due to the high costs.

We want to help change this by offering an affordable turn-key solution to schools, sports clubs and venues.

We've been involved in all levels of sports participation and administration. From participating in Under 10's competitions all the way through to playing full-time on a professional basis. Then when we became too old and too slow we progressed into the administration of sport and worked for both the National and International Governing bodies of one of the highest participation sports in the world.

All this experience has led us to firmly believe that now is the time to integrate technology into our grassroots sports. We believe that the majority of players and their parents would love to be able to view all their games and track their improvement over time.

That's why we created My Sports Action.

We exclusively use automatictv to capture all the action


Our Technology

We use an intelligent audiovisual production system that's capable of understanding sports action, its rules while also following the game autonomously using built-in pan, tilt and zoom functionality. It's already in use around the world to film professional and non-professional leagues, training sessions, minority sports, school and college leagues, amateur competitions and other events.

Our Story

We love sport just like the majority of Australians. When we started playing sport there was no way that you could view your games after you finished playing. Your fantastic play was gone forever. The kids today are sick of hearing all those stories about how good the adults used to be. If our technology was around when we were kids then our kids would be able to look back and see for themselves if we have a slight tendency to exaggerate!

Now the children won't have the same level of comfort as the people they share their videos with will be able to look back and see all their action whenever they choose.



The Autotracking functionality works perfectly as the system Pans, Tilts and Zooms in on the play as the players rapidly move up and down the court. You can stop the practice session and show the players what you can see from the sidelines. This type of visual analysis has been proven time and time again to accelerate player learning and change.



We capture the entire field of play while the system Automatically zooms in on where the action is taking place. Because we create a full panoramic view of the field by stitching multiple cameras together you can choose to zoom in on different areas of the pitch either live during the recording process or after the fact. You have total control.



AutomaticTV is a fantastic coaching tool because we capture the entire footy oval. You can easily identify the structures and flows in play from one area of the ground to the next. You also have the ability to zoom in on any off the ball incidents either live during recording or after the fact if you need to investigate any incidents.



Just imagine being able to show all the players how the game moves and flows. Point out the correct and incorrect positions and movements of the players straight after the game. Or during training, you can pull the players aside and quickly rewind the footage to point out key aspects so that they can make the adjustments and get straight back into honing their skills and set team plays.

Next Steps...

If your venue doesn't give you the opportunity to view all your practice sessions and games then you need to tell them about our service.